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Together, the people, the place and the passion for providing an extraordinary, engaging life for our residents and the remarkable staff who serve them, are at the heart of what makes Ingleside at King Farm a very special place.

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IKF Blog
Posted: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

7 benefits to your brain health and aging well when you continue lifelong learning

One of the bigger myths about growing older is that new things can’t be learned or that we lose our intellectual abilities.

Today’s active seniors know that’s simply not true.

In fact, one of the best benefits to brain health is to continue lifelong learning.

What does the research say?

Several studies on aging and brain health point to learning as an influential role. One example is the impact that higher education may have as some research has found a possible correlation of a decreased risk of developing dementia.

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IKF Blog
Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What are the differences between early Alzheimer’s and growing older?

It’s not uncommon to find yourself forgetting a name, address or phone number, even of a close friend or family member. Have you ever lost your thought in mid-stream or wondered where you misplaced your keys or wallet?

All of these can be examples of common lapses that most everyone experiences. It can be unsettling to be sure. If it happens more than a few times, you may even find yourself concerned whether this could be typical age-related memory loss or Alzheimer’s.

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IKF Blog
Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

What are the benefits of moving to an assisted living community?

If you’re concerned about a parent or loved one living at home alone, you may be researching the different options available.  

You no doubt are aware of the problems or issues that need to be resolved but are you familiar with all the advantages that assisted living can offer? Once you compare what type of care may be needed with what a community can provide, you may realize you’ve discovered the perfect solution.

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IKF Blog
Posted: Thursday, February 4, 2021

Can senior living improve your quality of life?

Are you living the fullness of life as you grow older? It’s not uncommon to look back at the same time you are beginning to look forward.

It’s also not uncommon to start making decisions about what you would like your life to look like. Are there trips you wanted to take? People to see? Experiences to have?

Or are you looking toward starting every morning with anticipation and joy? As most seniors have learned over the years, having people to share your life with can make all the difference.

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