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Posted: Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Now Is The Right Time

blog-coffee-lgjpgIt's the right time to move into a retirement home when other options are no longer viable. That sounds simple, of course, but here are some guidelines to know when it is the right time to move yourself or your elderly loved one into a retirement home.

One of the best ways to sell yourself or your loved one on the idea of a retirement home is to take a look at ways in which the move can improve on every aspect of living.

These improvements include the following:

100% improvement in social aspects
In some cases, seniors find when they are home all day that their apartment building or subdivision is empty and there is little or no daily social aspect to living there. As one senior, Grant Guthrie of Mississauga, Ontario, has told us, "Ninety per cent of the people were at work." Her residential neighborhood was "like a ghost town."
As opposed to that, he loves the fact that when he gets up in the morning at his new retirement home, "You come down, and every morning you see someone you know."

A retirement home offers something completely new and uniquely enjoyable, even if surprisingly so. Ernie Doran found that he could no longer afford health care for his home in Florida and moved into a retirement home in his hometown. He admitted, "Community living was something new to me but I went down to the dining room and very soon I was sitting with a group of men. [I found that] we have all been through the same experiences."

100% improvement in daily living
Often for the first time in their lives, retirement home residents find themselves free from mundane daily tasks including housework, home maintenance and meal preparation. Personal meal preparation is one aspect of living alone that becomes increasingly difficult. Making a single meal then eating alone can be tolerable for a while but it becomes increasingly burdening all the time. Helen Slattery of Toronto put it this way: "I found myself buying frozen dinners and I couldn't be bothered making a salad. I said to myself 'Helen you're getting tired'… there must be something better than this."

The time and energy freed up by letting other people take care of needs in a retirement residence becomes a source of joy for the elderly. They come to accept the fact that they deserve to be "treated" like this and they find energy for other things including new self-discoveries.

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