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Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time to take charge of your well-being

Today’s vibrant, active older people are smashing the stereotypes of older people. They’re redefining retirement as a time of exploration, when they can follow the passions that perhaps they didn’t have time for while they were working. For some, that might even mean continuing to work, but in a different field. For others, it might lead to joining an art class and painting a landscape for the first time or taking piano lessons. 

New activities not only help to keep you mentally sharp but also improve your social life. When you volunteer at a local school, for example, you’ll learn a lot about what young people are thinking today. When you join a book club, you’ll not only discover new ideas but you’ll meet new people. 

Here are some other suggestions from Healthy Aging® about how you can reinvent yourself: 

  • Get in the habit of taking a daily walk. If you walk slower than you used to, analyze why that is. Perhaps you have a fear of falling. If so, there are classes you can take and exercises you can do to improve your balance and prevent falls. You know that a daily walk is good for your health. Forming a walking group not only keeps you on track but also is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors. 
  • Stand up straight. Doing this one simple thing makes you look and feel better. Picture someone slouching—do they look happy? Check yourself in the mirror and you’ll see that when your middle is tucked in, your shoulders are back and your chin is up, you’ll look younger and your mood will lighten. Healthy Aging® recommends practicing good posture until it becomes natural. And while you’re at it, smile! 
  • Start a new practice of setting up health appointments in September. Schedule your annual physical, flu shot, health screenings and dental checkup. Taking care of your health is one of the best things you can do to improve your peace of mind. 

True wellness goes beyond physical health. At Ingleside at King Farm, we embrace the six dimensions of wellness that include spiritual, social, emotional, occupational and intellectual aspects as well as physical well-being. That’s why this extraordinary retirement community offers a wide range of fitness facilities and activities, opportunities for spiritual enrichment, a full calendar of social, artistic and educational activities, and the services and amenities that permit our residents to pursue an active, engaged lifestyle. 

If you’d like to learn more about Ingleside at King Farm, an Engaged Living Community, and our upcoming Gardenside addition, we invite you to attend one of our informational presentations or to contact us here.



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