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Pamila Mills
Posted: Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What to Know: Caregiving for Those with Dementia-Related Cognitive Impairment - Part 2

Pamela Mills, Ingleside’s Director of Memory Programming addresses some common questions in a four-part series. 

Part 2

How do you help if you know someone going through this experience?

If you know someone who is living this experience, please get involved. Ask how you can help. Perhaps go to the Dementia Friendly America website and take the quick training on how to be dementia friendly. Encourage your neighbors and friends to do the same. 

Offer to assist in small manageable ways, such as picking up a few groceries the next time you are at the store, stopping by as a “friendly visitor” for an hour so the loved one can have time to their self, or offer to assist with any other household task that would allay the stress. The more support systems and resources that we (as friends, neighbors, merchants and community members of persons with dementia) build within the community for persons who are care partners, the lesser their challenges will be moment by moment.

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