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Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Why independent living? Here are the top 10 reasons

Is your current home getting in the way of how you want to live? Are you tired of climbing stairs, spending money on maintenance or wishing your kids could just come for a visit instead of tackling your to-do list? The good news is that there are more options available today than there have ever been. And one of them can solve all of these problems simply by moving into an Independent Living community.

If you’re not familiar with what the best communities have to offer, you may be surprised to find that they have thought of everything. In fact, here are 10 of the top reasons that the right community may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Reason #1  It was built for your life

Instead of trying to figure out ways to retrofit your old home, it can be much easier and save you money, to move instead. No longer having to worry about your home’s inaccessibility if something were to happen or having to pay to heat and cool rooms you no longer use, an Independent Living community is a great solution. Saving the exorbitant costs of renovating your home and moving to a place that was built with you in mind can be a perfect choice.

Reason #2  It’s maintenance free

Are you tired of shoveling snow or making what seems like endless repairs as a homeowner? If you’d like to use your free time on activities that you enjoy instead of mowing the grass or arranging for your roof to be repaired, Independent Living could be the answer. Many find that they don’t have the desire, energy or the often unexpected funds to keep up with their home anymore. They are more than happy to let someone else take over.

Reason #3  They can provide transportation

If you find that you like driving less or you no longer want to worry about arranging a ride from friends or your children, many Independent Living communities offer scheduled transportation to medical appointments, shopping or pre-arranged entertainment or social excursions. And if you are able to get rid of your car, the money you save can really add up when you consider the upkeep, repairs, gas and insurance.

Reason #4  The on-site amenities

Did you ever think you could have a beautiful pool, restaurants that offer both fine dining and casual fare, bike and walking trails, art studios and cultural events all within walking distance? For many, having so much available and so conveniently located ranks high on their list of why they’re ready to move into an Independent Living community. It can offer almost everything they ever wanted and sometimes even more.

Reason #5  Fitness and recreation made easy

Do you make resolutions to become more active or to get into better shape? You know the health benefits that taking care of yourself can make, but the thought of having to get into your car and drive to the gym provides an easy excuse to put it off until tomorrow. When you live in an Independent Living community, not only is that excuse removed but it’s replaced with the motivation of meeting up with friends or taking a class that actually makes exercising fun.

Reason #6  It’s so easy to make new friends

Along with the advantages of staying fit physically, research continues to show the benefits of social interaction and its effect on our mental health and longevity. Human beings are social animals and we need contact that family and friends provide. Independent Living makes it easy to meet new people and participate in fun activities. Sharing your life stories and similarities will even make your new friends feel like old ones before you know it.

Reason #7  Nutritious and delicious dining opportunities

No matter how well our intentions are to eat balanced and nutritious meals, we often miss that mark. But at many Independent Living communities, you’ll actually look forward to the chef-prepared meals that are being offered. You may have a choice between a fine dining restaurant and one that offers more casual food, but either way, you will enjoy having the option not to have to cook every meal.

Reason #8  Enjoy the best of both worlds – privacy and community

Everyone needs alone time for themselves, although some less than others. But does your current home allow you both the choices to have a little privacy and spend time among others? Your current home’s location may take more effort, driving and scheduling to take part in activities or get together with friends. In an Independent Living community, you can have both – enjoying the privacy of your own home but finding the opportunity to socialize right outside your door.

Reason #9  Enjoy feeling safe and secure

For most people considering Independent Living, the idea of a secure community that keeps them safe is a big advantage. It can be such a relief to no longer worry and know that someone else is on watch. Your community should have security available 24/7. It’s also comforting to know that there is always someone to help if it’s ever needed.

Reason #10  The chance to improve your quality of life

It’s hard to beat what Independent Living offers when you look at all the elements that make up a great quality of life. The convenience of having everything from delicious dining to exercise to programs all available without leaving the community can be the perfect choice to help support your new lifestyle. 

Ingleside Independent Living communities

We may be exactly what you’re looking for. We have designed our communities to meet the needs of people just like you, who are engaged in life and looking to enjoy the advantages of their new freedom as well as the adventures that are waiting ahead.

We think you’ll appreciate our beautiful and spacious apartment homes, first-class amenities and activities and the opportunities you’ll have as you begin your new retirement life.

Call (240) 455-4582 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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