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Posted: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Can’t agree on a retirement lifestyle? Consider Independent Living for the perfect solution

Whether the day of retirement has arrived or is on the horizon, the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about is within reach. Maybe you’ve imagined yourself sleeping in mornings or relaxing with a good book in the afternoons. Or is it spending more time with the grandkids or volunteering with an organization whose cause you hold close to your heart.

There’s only one problem.

Are you sure your spouse or partner has been dreaming the same dream? They’ve likely been thinking of all the activities they’ll now have time for. Possibly becoming a near permanent fixture on the golf course, traveling world-wide or getting in better shape and participating in sports activities.

It’s not uncommon for couples to have a different image of the perfect retirement. But what’s the solution so both of you can fully enjoy each other and your retirement days, when you’re together and apart.

The answer may surprise you. Move to an Independent Living community.

If you haven’t considered this before, you may discover that there is indeed a place that can support almost every kind of lifestyle.

What is Independent Living?

Designed for those aged 60 and older, you’ll find a community that provides private housing, activities and amenities specifically tailored for the retirement life. The residents live independently while enjoying the perks of a maintenance-free home, abundant opportunities to socialize and an easy way to maintain physical fitness.

Support for many lifestyles

If your partner is the on-the-go half in the relationship but you prefer a slower pace, you’ll find options that can keep both of you happy. Not only is there a full calendar for those who prefer lots of activities, but there’s also space for quiet. Pursuing your artful side, joining a book club or spending time alone listening to music might be your perfect day. While your partner signs up for an early morning on the pickleball courts.

What kind of activities are offered?

A good community will provide a great selection of options, usually found in their monthly social calendar. You’ll discover events that can challenge your mind, opportunities to meet and make new friends and feed your creative side. Look for communities whose offerings appeal to both of you, such as physical activities, classes, art studios, guest lecturers, gardening and inviting outdoor spaces.

You should also be able to easily stay physically in shape with an on-site fitness center, exercise classes, swimming pool and outdoor games. Make sure there are walkable trails in the community or nearby so you can take advantage of getting healthy while being in nature.

How to find the best fit for both of you

Satisfying the desires for both halves of a couple can be challenging, but definitely doable. A great place to start is for the two of you to make a list of what you each consider priorities to live your best lives. And then begin considering how you can achieve your goals.

Asking these questions might help:

  • Where do you want to live? Will you be moving to another city or state or stay put?
  • What will your daily life look like? Are you looking for action or low key?
  • What activities, hobbies or creative pursuits do you want to engage in?
  • Do you have any healthcare concerns that might impact your decisions?
  • How will you be able to maintain your physical health and fitness?
  • Are you looking for a maintenance-free life?
  • Does your current home meet the physical needs of your lifestyle, now and in the future?

Depending on your answers, you may want to consider whether staying in your current home or moving to an Independent Living community is best for meeting your purpose.

Extra bonuses of Independent Living

In an Independent Living community, everyone is free to spend their days and nights as they wish. Depending on your likes and dislikes, there is enough variety to make everyone happy. There are also enjoyable perks, regardless of personality types or lifestyle preferences. Consider the benefits that come with moving:

A maintenance-free life

For many retirees, the idea of no longer having to worry about the repair and continual maintenance of a home becomes a priority. Imagine relinquishing the responsibility of upkeep. An Independent Living community handles all of this for you.

The convenience of healthy living

Envision living where practically everything you need is right outside your front door. Are you interested in maintaining or getting back in shape? The opportunities are not only plentiful but are conveniently located. From taking part in a weight program, yoga class or water aerobics, you can soon be on your way to enjoying increased physical and mental health.

Ease in creating a full social network

Meeting your neighbors and other residents is easy in community life. For both extroverts and introverts. There are many natural opportunities to make new friends, either while sharing an interest or crossing paths in the common areas. Everyone needs connections and interactions and the results can greatly impact your emotional health.

Healthy dining options

If you’re tired of the daily decision of what to have for dinner or the planning of meals, you’ll be happy to discover how easy it is to let someone else do the cooking. The best communities will offer different dining styles, from a more formal environment to a casual café. And of course, the food should be nutritious and always delicious.

Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living

At Ingleside at King Farm, we strive to support all of our residents, whether their style is on-the-go or a little more reflective. We understand the importance of social interaction, physical activity and time spent in intellectual interests, which together all lead to a better balanced and more fulfilling life.

We believe you’ll both find what you’re looking for so you can appreciate and take advantage of this wonderful time in life. From your beautiful home to time spent with friends or just each other, discover if calling our King Farm community home could be the right decision.

Call (240) 455-4582 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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