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Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2020

5 compelling reasons to consider a move to senior living

As you reach retirement and look to the future, you may find yourself exploring options. Discovering the ones right for you, however, can take some time.

One of the first to consider is where you want to live. Will you be staying in your current home and neighborhood? Are you thinking of moving to be closer to your adult children? Or are you looking for a change that can provide everything you need for a new lifestyle?

The following 5 questions may help you make the decision. Depending on the answers, you just might discover your compelling reasons to move into an independent living community.

Of course, there are many more than 5 reasons and different retirees will have their own list of desired qualities. But these 5 can give you a great start:

1. Are you tired of maintaining a home that has more rooms than you need?

A house with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for the kids once served its purpose perfectly. Families need room to spread out and big backyards to play in. You may have moved into the suburbs to be near a good school.

All of those were valid reasons to meet the needs of your family. But what about now?

After the kids moved out to live their own lives, some of that space has likely sat unused. The upkeep alone may require spending too much time and money on what you no longer need. Maybe it’s time to revisit the type of home that would best fit your current and future life.

An independent living home is designed to fit your life while removing the headaches of maintenance. Everything is just the right size and accessible, in case there are any physical health needs down the road.

2. Are you becoming a little isolated from friends and others?

As we grow older, circumstances can diminish our chances to be surrounded by families and friends like we once were. After leaving the work world and if we begin to drive less, we may find it more difficult to reach out and make new friends.

But the toll of social isolation greatly increases the risk of harming our mental and physical health.

An independent living community makes it easy to meet new people and build relationships that will last a lifetime. By providing numerous opportunities, such as group activities, events and many inviting common spaces, you’ll find yourself naturally getting to know others. Sharing this time while exploring and appreciating everyone’s unique story is guaranteed to enrich your retirement life.

3. Are you tired of shopping, cooking and cleaning up after every meal?

Most people have spent a lifetime planning and preparing meals for themselves and their families. But even though you know the importance of a healthy diet and good nutrition, on many days you’re ready to hang up the apron. The problem is when you substitute snacks for dinner or skip the meal altogether.

Your body needs the right fuel to run efficiently and what you eat can greatly impact your physical and cognitive health. But there is a solution.

Visit a senior living community and see for yourself what’s on the menu. Look for a variety of delicious but nutritious offerings – it is possible to have both. Chef-prepared meals and a choice in dining atmosphere can make all the difference. But you’ll still want your own kitchen for when you’re inspired to cook. Which often happens more when you know you have the choice.

4. Are you struggling to maintain your best physical health?

We’ve all made our resolutions to stay or get into shape. But even the best intentions can be hard to fulfill if it is difficult to get to the gym in the first place.

Other obstacles can include:

  • Not having any exercise equipment at home

  • Unsure of how to use weights or to correctly perform certain movements

  • Finding it more difficult to drive to the gym

  • Losing motivation before you even get there

One of the many benefits of moving into an independent living community is the on-site fitness center and other amenities, all available right outside your door. You’ll find weights, machines, classes and a trainer who can instruct you on how to do it the right way, so you gain the biggest benefit while greatly decreasing your risk of injury.

It’s also been proven that exercising with a friend or taking part in a class actually provides extra motivation and even makes it fun. All of these opportunities not only will help you stay in shape, but they remove all the excuses as well.

5. Are you finding it more difficult to stay active?

Research continues to show that participating in programs and remaining active not only provides enriching experiences to your life but plays a large role in keeping you healthy, both physically and cognitively.

If you’re beginning to drive less or if finding activities to join is becoming more of a challenge, it can be easier just to stay at home. But that’s not a good solution.

A move into an independent living community overcomes all the obstacles. Someone else has done the planning so all you have to do is select which activity to try first. A dance class, woodworking, visiting a museum or learning to play bridge are just a few possibilities.

And the choices are always yours to make.

An added benefit

Whatever your reasons for moving into a community, one of the biggest advantages is that your quality of life most likely will go up.

Studies have found that those who are socially connected and engaged with life tend to experience higher rates of well-being and happiness. Not only can they have reduced rates of depression and chronic health issues, but improved cognitive health and longevity.

Once you add up all the benefits of moving into a senior living community, the more compelling question might be why you wouldn’t.  

Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living

At Ingleside at King Farm, we designed our community to fulfill all of these compelling reasons and more. We support our residents who make their home here to live life to the fullest. From our beautiful selection of homes to our top-of-the-line amenities and wide variety of activities, you’ll discover everything you need is only steps away.

Call (240) 455-4582 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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