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Posted: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Moving to maintenance-free living? Ideas for your newfound free time

If you’ve made the decision to relocate after retirement, you’re likely becoming familiar with all the benefits of independent living. You should find all of these advantages and more when you discover the right community.

  1. A beautiful home that you can customize to make your own

  2. Numerous opportunities to make new friends

  3. A full calendar of social activities to choose from monthly

  4. A well-appointed fitness center and assistance in getting or remaining in shape

  5. First-class amenities available for your use

  6. Delicious and nutritious meal options to promote healthy and enjoyable dining

  7. Scheduled transportation to events, entertainment, shopping or medical appointments

  8. Living in a safe and secure home and community

In fact, there are so many advantages of senior living to experience that you may find it hard to choose your top pick. The great news is that you don’t have to because they’re all available when you become a resident.

But one that isn’t mentioned above is a benefit that seniors always rate highly - the maintenance-free lifestyle. Imagine days absent of household chores, exterior upkeep or landscaping challenges. No more shoveling snow or mowing the grass. Or finding someone reliable who can do the job for you.

Having all of this taken care of is another benefit of independent living. This means that you will also get to enjoy the time that is now yours to spend freely. You may want to begin thinking of how you’d like to fill those hours.

Senior living activities

Most retirees have considered their big dreams or bucket list items. But what about how you’ll spend your days? Prepare to enjoy those new hours, now that you no longer have to chase someone down to paint your house or fix the roof.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Plan for day trips

Think of all the places you wanted to go to but never had the time. Maybe as simple as out to lunch? An afternoon at the museum or a favorite art gallery? Or it could be to explore what you haven’t already seen. The great news about community life is that they often plan these types of trips and provide transportation as well.

2. Learn something new

There’s never been a better time to take a class, learn a new language or sign up for lessons for a musical instrument that you’ve always wanted to play. The advantage of keeping our minds stimulated are many, including slowing down or delaying cognitive deficiencies. And look at all the fun you can have.

3. Enjoy a hobby

Did you use to love to paint but put it away while you were working or raising children? Or is there a hobby that you always wanted to try but never had the time? Now you can. Spend some time deciding on what you’d like to experiment with first and what you need to get started. Enjoy having the chance to do something for yourself.

4. Volunteer

If you have a favorite organization that you support, consider offering your time and talents as a volunteer. Not only will you feel good, but you’ll make a big difference for the cause. So many meaningful charities rely almost solely on volunteers to keep it going.

5. Read, read and then read some more

Have you longed for the day when you could curl up with a good book and dive in? Most reading for pleasure is put on hold when we’re in career or child-raising mode. But nothing should stop you now. And if you’re not a reader, now is the perfect time to explore the subjects you’d like to know more about.

6. Join a social group

Look for ways to be more social. The benefits of friends and remaining engaged in life with others are well documented. And your choices are many. Consider joining a Bridge club, other game groups, book or cooking clubs. You’ll not only enjoy yourself but may learn a new skill.

7. Spend time with family

Often, retirees look forward to this time in life so they can be more involved in their grandchildren’s lives. Many comment on how much more fun it can be when you’re not responsible as you are when you’re the parent. Don’t cross your own children’s rules, but a little spoiling never hurt anyone.

8. Become an active adult

If you’re not already, what a great time to push yourself to try all the activities you never did. Learning to kayak or canoe can be great fun and get you outdoors and on the water. Or consider hiking or swimming. Look at what your community offers for group sports and join up now.

9. Re-engage with yourself

Time and life have a way of interrupting our best intentions. It’s good to take care of yourself and now you’ll finally have the time. Consider ways that you could re-engage. Possibly through your faith community? Quiet walks alone to just think or breathe? Or give yourself the gift of yoga or meditation.

10. Become involved

Are there local issues in your town or city that you always wanted to become involved in? Or maybe even on the national level? With your knowledge, experience and compassion, this could be the perfect time to become an advocate for what you feel strongly about. These types of activities are known to greatly re-energize.

Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living

At Ingleside at King Farm, we understand how exciting this time in life can be. And we’ve designed our community to support your continued engaged lifestyle. You’ll find everything you need, including activities, amenities and the encouragement to live your best life.

We think you’ll love our beautiful and spacious homes, social activities and the opportunity to make new friends. You’ll find delicious dining options, a fitness center and an indoor heated pool among all of our amenities. As an active adult, we provide opportunities for you to take advantage of. And when you’re more in the mood for some quiet time, you’ll find many options for that as well.

Call (240) 414-8557 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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