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Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

What are the benefits of moving to an assisted living community?

If you’re concerned about a parent or loved one living at home alone, you may be researching the different options available.  

You no doubt are aware of the problems or issues that need to be resolved but are you familiar with all the advantages that assisted living can offer? Once you compare what type of care may be needed with what a community can provide, you may realize you’ve discovered the perfect solution.

After learning how assisted living and their services could support your loved one’s life, you’ll also be better prepared to convey to them with confidence that this could be the best answer.

Benefits of assisted living

Here are 6 benefits that may be most helpful for your family:

1. Assistance and independence

As we grow older, it’s common to begin needing some assistance with the daily tasks of living. This can range from help with dressing, managing medications or shopping and preparing meals. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at assisted living.

Yet the help that is received will actually support your loved one to continue living an independent life, not take it away. They will still be able to live in a private residence and make their own choices. But with the added benefit of assistance whenever it’s needed.

And the quality of life will most likely increase as well. They will still have their independence but will no longer have to struggle with what daily life can require.

2. Meeting and making new friends

Being socially active is very influential on a senior’s health and happiness. Everyone needs human interaction and the benefits of relationships extend to both our physical and emotional health.

But as we grow older, finding social activity can become more of a challenge. We may begin losing friends and family members or they may have moved away. It can be more difficult to attend events or activities that we once enjoyed. If we no longer drive, it’s common to begin missing out and staying home.

Becoming isolated is very easy for seniors. Perhaps one of the most impactful advantages of assisted living is that your loved one will be around others with similar interests and there are many opportunities to socialize and make friends.

3. Healthy nutrition and delicious food

After years of planning, shopping and cooking meals, many older adults lose their motivation to continue. If they also are experiencing a decreased appetite or are only cooking for one or two, it may become easier to eat processed or prepared foods or even to skip meals.

But even though the calorie requirements drop as we grow older, seniors still need nutrients to fuel their bodies and keep their minds sharp.

Assisted living takes care of that as well. Your loved one will find delightful and tempting choices from the menu and will not only enjoy having someone else do the cooking but can easily make healthy choices for their diet.

4. Support to stay physically and emotionally fit

Residents find many opportunities to exercise both their bodies and their minds when they move into an assisted living community. Along with a fitness center and instruction on how to perform a movement or routine correctly, there will also be games and opportunities to sharpen the mind.

Communities typically offer a monthly calendar of varied activities so everyone is able to find something of interest. The opposite of isolating at home, your loved one will be able to choose from classes, social events or cultural outings that contribute to an engaged life. And having someone provide the activities and plan for social events offers not only the chance to make life more meaningful but easier as well.

5. The convenience of community life

Imagine living where everything you need is located right outside of your door. Although there may be special outings away from the community, everything else your loved one would need is only steps away from their home. Whether it’s receiving help with daily tasks, joining in an exercise class or spending time in an art studio, the possibilities seem endless.

Your loved one will also no longer need to worry about driving or parking. They won’t miss out on activities or attending an event because assisted living provides scheduled transportation for shopping trips, medical appointments and entertainment options.

Communities are purposely designed to provide their residents with everything they need to live full and engaged lives.

6. A safe and secure life

Many adult children worry about their parents growing older and living alone at home. But what you may not realize is that your parents or loved ones may be worried as well.

While they might not have shared their concerns with you, it’s not uncommon for seniors to be worried about how to continue maintaining their home, to remain healthy or what to do if there is an injury or illness.

Assisted living can be a sigh of relief for everyone in the family. Your loved one no longer has to carry the weight of being able to keep up with daily chores or living with all the “what-ifs.” And you can relax knowing they are not alone.

Ingleside at King Farm Assisted Living

Among the many benefits of assisted living is how the quality of life can improve for the entire family. We understand the worry and concern regarding your parent’s safety and well-being. If the time comes when assistance or more care is needed, assisted living is often the right answer.

Having privacy and independence, with a little daily help, can aid your loved one in living their most engaged and fulfilling life. With our residences, activities, chef-prepared dining and other amenities, we think you’ll find a genuine home that offers not only security but comfort.

If you would like to learn more about assisted living, please download a complimentary copy of Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living.

Call (240) 414-8557 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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