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Posted: Wednesday, March 10, 2021

How to Connect and Remain Influential to Your Grandchildren

Preserving a strong relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is vital for both parties. By staying in your grandchild’s life, you will be able to impart wisdom, instill family values, and share your skills and experiences. You’ll also be able to stay close enough to see how the next generation will thrive and grow. Finally, spending time with your grandchildren will remind you to enjoy the little things, live in the moment, and will bring out your inner child. No matter your circumstances or where you live, here are a few ways to forge a special bond with your grandchildren. 

Indoor activities 

There are plenty of opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren to bond when it comes to indoor activities. From sharing family history, hands-on activities, and fun art projects, spending time together at home can help to bridge generational gaps while having fun at the same time. 

Doing projects together 

If you share any interests with your grandchildren, working on a long term project together can be a fun activity. Some examples can be baking, knitting, cooking. Even working on a blog that focuses on your family or other shared interests can be a great project. Starting a project with your grandchildren will not only provide you with time to get to know them, but you’ll also spend hours of fun together as a family. 

Spend one-on-one time together

Whenever possible, be sure to spend time with each of your grandchildren, one-on-one. Be sure to find out what they like to do, and spend some time together. Go out for lunch, see a movie, or even have a sleepover to learn more about each other minus the distractions from other people. 

Have a picnic

Head outdoors with a basket of treats and have a fun lunch or dinner. Be sure to pick a nice park you haven’t been to before and bring a soccer ball or frisbee for more fun. You can also use this time together to know more about your grandchild’s interests while getting some fresh air and exercise. 

Get planting

Get a small tree, potted flower, or vegetable to plant with your grandchild. Be sure to discuss the plant’s purpose; will you grow the tree for shade, pick the flowers when they bloom, or will you use the vegetables for cooking? You can then use this opportunity to teach the kids to care for nature while spending quality time together. 

Go out to get some produce

Make your way to the local farmers’ market with the grandkids and look for seasonal produce together. When you’ve picked a few things, head back home and look for a recipe to make use of your finds. You can use this opportunity to create a fun new tradition while sharing family recipes with your grandchild. 

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips and tricks on how to bond with the little ones. Considering a move to senior living? Head over to our guide, Choosing the Best Senior Living Option, or you can visit our website to get an inside scoop on our senior living community. 

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