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Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Independent Living Benefits: Why We Need Privacy and People as We Grow Older

If you’re like many active adults, you’ve spent some time considering how you want to thrive in your retirement life. This is the time you’ve been waiting for.

And you deserve it.

Here are a few features that may have made your list:

  • Maintaining your independence

  • Saying goodbye to the headache of home maintenance

  • More freedom and time to take part in the activities you enjoy

  • A continued active lifestyle but also one that is more convenient

  • A focus on both physical and cognitive health

  • Embracing opportunities to spend with family and friends

Priorities as we grow older

Two must-have qualities many older adults express as significant to aging well is their privacy and social connectedness. Although time alone and interaction may seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, in reality both are greatly needed to live an enriched and engaged life.

Time to spend alone…

All of us want and need some level of privacy and time to spend with ourselves. Sharing activities and stimulating experiences can provide such a spark in life but we also need time spent in solitude.

Being alone with your thoughts is where you often recharge your batteries, work out solutions to challenges you’re facing or just relax and calm your mind.

According to an article published in Forbes, research has shown there are benefits to privacy, including:

  • Better productivity

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased levels of happiness

  • Better life satisfaction

  • Less depression

  • Better management of stress

Time to spend with others…

On the other hand, there is much to be said for having a strong social life. A few of the benefits include a decreased risk of depression, longer life span and avoiding the detrimental health effects of isolation.

According to Harvard’s Health Watch, a new study found that interacting with a wider range of people than just your family and close friends may provide even more benefits.

The research discovered that older adults who interacted with people beyond their usual social circle were more likely to participate in physical activities, exhibited greater positive moods and had fewer negative feelings.

Although more study is needed, one possible reason is that older adults may be more active when they interact with others outside of their family and close friends.

Independent living benefits include both privacy and interaction (and a lot more)

Where you live can greatly influence how you live.

One look at what an independent living community offers makes it easy to see why it is often the perfect solution for many active, older adults. And when it comes to providing both privacy and people, you’ll find that you definitely can have it all.

Take a look at a few of the benefits of independent living:

1. Private residences

Independent living provides private residences so you won’t be giving up the privacy of having your own home – just the hassle of home maintenance and upkeep. Many retirees are ready to downsize the space that they no longer use in exchange for all the benefits that independent living has to offer. 

Imagine a lock-and-leave residence that better fits your desired lifestyle of travel or living where everything you need is just steps away from your front door. That’s a great recipe for a fulfilled and stress-free life.

2. Independent lifestyle

Active adults are not going to settle when choosing the best place to launch their newest adventures. This is finally their time to spend as they wish. 

So when it comes to another benefit of independent living, it’s the emphasis placed on independence. Residents will continue to make all of their own decisions in how they choose to live – with the added bonus of having privacy, or people, whenever they choose.

3. Opportunities to make new friends

Often, we don’t live close to all of our children and old friends may move away. And after you leave the work world, you may find it a little harder to meet and make new friends. But independent living has solved this challenge as well. 

There are so many ways to meet your neighbors and other residents and to naturally cross paths that any awkwardness is eliminated. It’s not unusual for residents to soon feel like family, knowing they can depend on each other.

4. Social activities and events

Have you ever worried that you’d be bored once you retired? Nothing could be further from the truth in independent living. Each community can be different but look for those who offer a variety of amenities and activities that you would enjoy. 

You should find opportunities to play games and have fun as well as attend an educational lecture that stretches your mind or a studio that lets your inner artist come alive. Every month you’ll have a calendar of activities to choose from.

Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living

At Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living we designed our community to provide you with everything you need, including privacy and people. The key is that our residents, of course, decide what they’re in the mood for and when.

You’ll find your private home offers open and inviting spaces, walk-in closets and well-equipped kitchens. You’ll have the choice of the floorplan that works best for you. You’re also encouraged to personalize your home so it will be a unique expression of your own style.

We believe you’ll love our well-planned community, designed to provide all the possibilities you’re looking for:

  • Maintenance-free living

  • Staffed fitness center

  • Indoor heated pool and spa

  • Cultural Arts Center

  • New library

  • Art studio

  • Game room

  • Classes, clubs and programs

  • Meditation space and Yoga studio

  • Spa/salon with massage room

  • Spiritual, musical and theatrical programs

Along with scheduled transportation to medical appointments, shopping, concerts and other events, you’ll have easy access to King Farm’s shuttle system that loops to the Metro as well as walking paths that lead to The King Farm Village Center, just a few blocks away.


If you would like more information about senior living, please download our complimentary Step-by-Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision, Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

Please visit our website to get an inside scoop on our senior living community. Call (240) 414-8557 if you have any questions or schedule a personalized tour today.


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