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Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Why People Are Often Happier Once They Move to Assisted Living

Assisted living offers many advantages to their residents. If you or a parent is beginning to need a little help with the daily tasks of living, such as bathing, grooming, preparing meals or housekeeping, the right community can often be the perfect solution.

If you’re not aware of all the benefits of assisted living, consider the following:

1. Having the privacy of your own residence

Everyone wants to live in their own home and experience the freedom that comes with it. In an assisted living community, you’ll enjoy a maintenance-free life with your own private residence and the choice for how to spend your days. The community is there to offer support and assistance but you’ll have the freedom to decide how active you want to be.  

2. Help when you need it

You’ll discover the best of both worlds when you can continue to live your independent life but also get assistance whenever it’s needed. Perhaps you could use help with bathing or getting ready for bed. Or maybe it’s becoming too much of a challenge to shop and prepare meals. Whatever you need is available, but you don’t have to sacrifice any of your personal preferences.

3. Ease in making friends and building a healthy social life

Older adults that live at home alone can often become isolated. If you’re no longer driving or have accessible transportation options, this can more easily occur. But when you live in an assisted living community, all you have to do is check the calendar of activities every month and choose which ones appeal to you. It’s also the easiest way to make friends and socialize.

4. Daily nutritious meals and healthy diets

Eating healthy is vital to aging well and another assisted living benefit is how easy it is to take advantage of this. You’ll no longer have to plan meals, go shopping, cooking or clean up. All you’ll need to do is choose what delicious chef-prepared meals you’re in the mood for. And don’t worry if you have any dietary restrictions because those will be provided for as well.

5. Physical and emotional fitness opportunities

Has it become more of a challenge to stay physically fit? Do you wish you knew what activities could be good to stimulate your brain? You’ve come to the right place if you move to an assisted living community. Most will have a fitness center on-site and planned activities that are good for both your body and mind. And getting to the activities is as simple as opening up your front door.

But there’s yet another benefit you may enjoy

Even though you can see the many advantages that assisted living has to offer, there is one that you might not have thought of.


Why you may be happier in assisted living 

Happiness is at the center of a meaningful life well lived. When you understand the experiences that assisted living provides, it’s no surprise that you’ll find your life enriched and you just may find yourself smiling a lot more, too.

Here are a few reasons that you might find yourself happier:

1. You may feel more connected

People need interaction. Having the opportunities to connect and socialize with others can impact our physical and emotional health. 

Unfortunately, these connections can be harder to make as we grow older, especially if we find ourselves isolated and without the ability to join others in activities. Assisted living communities not only have the people, but they provide many chances to socialize with fellow residents.

2. You’re happier when you worry less

Some older adults become more anxious about living at home alone, even if they don’t mention it to their children. 

Homeownership can become a headache and exceed their abilities to keep up with all the responsibilities. Safety and security can also become an issue. Many individuals worry about being alone and falling or becoming ill. In assisted living, you’re never really alone.

3. You’ll still enjoy your privacy and independence

Although it’s reassuring to know that any needed help is always there, it’s also important for people to have their own private residence and to make all of their own decisions. 

These may include when you like to go to sleep, wake up, or how to spend the days. Whether you decide to participate in activities, social events or fitness classes, you’re happier when the choices are yours to make.

4. You’ll be surrounded by fun people and activities

Assisted living communities not only take care of the challenges of daily life but they plan and schedule activities for you to enjoy. And they include a wide variety of choices so there is always something for everyone. 

Just check out the monthly calendar and you can decide which ones pique your interests. It won’t be long until you’re spending time having fun with your new friends.

5. Making new friends and relationships

It’s not always easy to make friends as you grow older. But you’ll delight in how easy it will be to build meaningful relationships. 

In assisted living communities, you may be surprised at how many of your fellow residents have a similar life story as yours. You’ll find opportunities to spend time together. And a bonus? It’s very common for residents to look out for each other as family.

Ingleside at King Farm Assisted Living

Whether your parents are struggling with the basic daily activities, are becoming concerned with living alone or are worried about their safety and security, assisted living can often be the right answer. And with the opportunities to stay healthy, make new friends and spend time together having fun, it’s little surprise that happiness is so easily found.

At Ingleside at King Farm Assisted Living, we believe in a whole-person approach and our well-being philosophy ensures everyone is treated with the respect that allows independence and choice. All of our staff members are trained to compassionately engage with our residents, assisting them when needed and supporting them to age well always.

If your family is considering assisted living, we invite you to download our free resource, Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living.

Call (240) 455-4582 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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