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Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Adapting to Change as You Grow Older: 7 Tips to Try

From birth going forward, we are changing. Our bodies and minds continue to adapt and transform to the world around us. Although there can be loss and limitations as we grow older, the aging process happens gradually. You may find yourself surprised when you realize how much time has passed.

Since everyone is aging together, you also have company. Relationships with others who have similar life experiences can be reassuring and supportive.

Many retirees have looked forward to this stage when they are free of the responsibilities of career and child-raising. And one of the advantages to growing older is that we’re better equipped to adapt to the challenges that may come our way. We also gain the wisdom that this is not a time of decline but possibilities.

However, there are changes that do occur and those who prepare for them seem to age well and become better at living the life that they planned.

Adapting to changes that age can bring

1. Your cardiovascular system

Your blood vessels and arteries can begin to stiffen, causing your heart to work harder.

What you can do:

  • Make physical activity a part of your daily routine

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Don’t smoke

  • Manage stress

  • Get enough sleep

2. Bones, joints and muscles

Bones can become weaker and more susceptible to fracture. Loss of muscle strength, endurance and flexibility can also occur, affecting your balance and stability.

What you can do:

  • Get adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D

  • Add physical activity in your daily routine to build muscle, strong bones and improve balance

3. Your memory and thinking skills

You may notice minor effects on your memory or thinking skills, such as forgetting a name or word or you may struggle with multitasking.

What you can do:

  • Include physical activity in your daily routine

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Keep your mind active

  • Be social

  • Manage cardiovascular risk factors as they can increase the risk of cognitive decline

4. Your eyes and ears

You may struggle to focus on objects that are close and become more sensitive to glare.

Your hearing might diminish and you may notice difficulty in hearing high frequencies or following a conversation in a crowded room.

What you can do:

  • Schedule regular checkups and follow advice regarding whether you need glasses, hearing aids or other corrective devices

  • Wear sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat outdoor and earplugs if you’re around loud noises

5. Your weight

Your metabolism slows down and if you decrease activities but continue eating the same amount of calories, you’ll gain weight.

What you can do:

  • Include physical activity in your daily routine

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Watch your portion sizes

6. Your teeth

Gums might begin to pull back and certain medications can cause a dry mouth, making your gums and teeth slightly more vulnerable to decay.

What you can do:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day

  • Schedule regular checkups with your dentist and hygienist

7. Your skin

As your skin thins it becomes less elastic and you may bruise more easily. Less natural oils are produced so your skin becomes drier.

What you can do:

  • Bathe or shower in warm water, not hot, with mild soap and use a moisturizer

  • When you’re outside, use sunscreen and wear protective clothing

Source: Mayo Clinic

What else may help us adapt to change?

There is another adjustment that occurs when we grow older and it’s a positive one. Your personality changes. This may play a large role in allowing us to age gracefully, yet live a full life.

It was once thought that our personalities were fixed but that’s not true, according to psychologists. It is actually developed over time.

In the short term it does remain fairly stable. But over a period of decades, research has discovered that we may become much more calmer, self-confident, better at leadership and socially sensitive.

Often referred to as the maturity principle, scientists have found that people become more extraverted, agreeable and conscientious with age. The reason? It’s thought that it might be the expectations and responsibilities we face as we grow older and that we learn how better to adjust and adapt.

Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living

At Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living, our community is designed with you in mind, including how best to support you in adapting to change.

Although age can bring both physical and emotional changes, this is also an exciting time to explore the other transformations in life – such as the freedom to achieve the lifestyle that you have always imagined.

With our activities, social events, fitness center, delicious dining options and other first-class amenities, we believe you’ll discover everything you need for an enriched and meaningful life.

You’ll find your private home offers open and inviting spaces, walk-in closets and well-equipped kitchens. You’ll have the choice of the floorplan that works best for you. You’re also encouraged to personalize your home so it will be a unique expression of your own style.

Our well-planned community has been created to provide all the possibilities you’re looking for:

  • Maintenance-free living

  • Staffed fitness center

  • Indoor heated pool and spa

  • Cultural Arts Center

  • New library

  • Art studio

  • Game room

  • Classes, clubs and programs

  • Meditation space and Yoga studio

  • Spa/salon with massage room

  • Spiritual, musical and theatrical programs

Along with scheduled transportation to medical appointments, shopping, concerts and other events, you’ll have easy access to the shuttle system that loops to the Metro as well as walking paths that lead to The King Farm Village Center, just a few blocks away.

Please visit our website or call (240) 414-8557 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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