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Together, the people, the place and the passion for providing an extraordinary, engaging life for our residents and the remarkable staff who serve them, are at the heart of what makes Ingleside at King Farm a very special place.

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Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Decorating Tips to Welcome Spring to Your Home

Is there ever a more welcome guest than springtime? Especially after a long, dark and cold winter. But it’s finally arrived, bringing with it warmth and more daylight as nature reawakens.

It’s nice to bring a little of those fresh colors and blooms inside as well – officially turning our thoughts toward renewal.

Tips for spring decorating

If you’re ready to welcome the season into your home, here are a few tips you may wish to review:

1. Spring clean first

Give your home a more thorough cleaning. Look for any clutter or piles and check if your closets or cabinets are beginning to store possessions you don’t need or want.

Collect the extras and find them a new home. Spring is a great time to confirm that everything in your home has a purpose. Living in an organized and open space can make you feel more positive.

2. Start with a clean slate

Remove all the accessories so you can view the room with fresh eyes. Then, add things back one at a time to see if you like the effect.

You may find that less really can be more or that you like the more minimalist look. What you don’t use now can always be rotated in later or make an appearance in the next season.

3. Add some color

Nothing says spring like color. Choose your favorites or go with the classic greens, yellows, whites and blues. Or your choice may be pastel colors over the vibrant and bright hues.

Decide where to add your color and if you’ll use solids or patterns. Pillows, throws, candles or other accessory items are the perfect way to introduce, but not overwhelm, a room.

4. Lighten up your look

Exchange your heavier materials and colors for the new season. Take a look around your rooms and decide where you can make the most difference.

You might want to start in your main living space, swapping out your throws and pillows or adding furniture slipcovers to coordinate your look. Don’t forget your bedding. It’s time to tuck away the heavier comforter so you can slip into crisp white sheets and your chosen lighter fabric blankets.  

5. Bring in the flowers

The easiest spring decorating tip that can give you the biggest uplift is to bring fresh flowers into your home. And lots of them.

Purchase colorful vases of different sizes, shapes and textures and keep them filled throughout the season. Consider similar colors for your containers with an array of flowers or the same flowers in many different colored vases.

6. Switch out your wall hangings

We often overlook our walls when it’s time to decorate for spring. You may decide to replace a heavily framed mirror for rattan. If you have a selection of artwork to choose from, consider those with a lighter feel, either in the subject or the frame.

Anytime is perfect for your grandchildren’s creations, but pictures of blue skies, bright suns and flowers are just the right touch for spring.

7. Use creative objects for plants and flowers

Go beyond the typical vases and planters and look for something that can provide more interest. Look in your own cabinets first for any pitchers or old bowls. You can even use teacups for small plants.

Make a day of visiting antique or second-hand shops to see what treasures you can find. Almost anything that can hold soil and drain properly will work.

8. Create a new mantel look

If you have a fireplace, make the mantel your focal piece. This area usually is the star of the winter holiday season but often goes unnoticed once the warmer weather arrives.

Create or purchase a beautiful spring wreath with faux or fresh flowers. Add a brightly colored ribbon and coordinate your centerpiece with candles, favorite photos or other accessories.

9. Spruce up your entry

Make sure you follow the guidelines of what’s allowed in your community, but if possible, create an entry that will warmly welcome not only the new season but your visitors as well.

Hang a spring wreath on your door, place pots of flowers on either side, and include a new welcome mat. All can work together to brighten your day every time you return back home.

10. Don’t forget your patio or balcony

Bringing spring indoors is a great way to improve your mood but allow it to expand your living space to the outdoors.

After checking with your community’s guidelines, consider creating a container garden with the blooms of spring for your patio or balcony. Add a chair and small table with bright cushions or pillows to entice you to spend more time outside.

Ingleside at King Farm Independent Living

Like you, we also look forward to the warmer weather of spring and hope you enjoyed these spring decorating tips. As the seasons change, and bring along a time of renewal, it’s also the perfect time to explore the other transformations in life – such as how you might best achieve the lifestyle that you have always imagined.

If you’ve been considering the option of moving to an independent living community, we believe you’ll find our activities, social events, fitness center, delicious dining options and other first-class amenities to be everything you need to support your enriched and meaningful life.

You’ll find your private home offers open and inviting spaces, walk-in closets and well-equipped kitchens. You’ll have the choice of the floorplan that works best for you. You’re also encouraged to personalize your home so it will be a unique expression of your own style.

Our well-planned community has been created to provide all the possibilities you’re looking for:

  • Maintenance-free living

  • Staffed fitness center

  • Indoor heated pool and spa

  • Cultural Arts Center

  • New library

  • Art studio

  • Game room

  • Classes, clubs and programs

  • Meditation space and Yoga studio

  • Spa/salon with massage room

  • Spiritual, musical and theatrical programs

Along with scheduled transportation to medical appointments, shopping, concerts and other events, you’ll have easy access to the shuttle system that loops to the Metro as well as walking paths that lead to The King Farm Village Center, just a few blocks away.

Please visit our website or call (240) 414-8557 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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